An Interview With Nichkhun In LINE PLAY Press Conference

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An Interview With Nichkhun In LINE PLAY Press Conference
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An Interview With Nichkhun In LINE PLAY Press Conference

Translated from Pingbook

Credit: Thai – Eng by kullanitp @ welovekhun

Today we had a chance to interview him, Nichkhun Horvejkul. He was ready to share an experience with LINE with Thai fans.

Q: How was the CF filming?

- We went to LINE office building in Korea for the filming. It was the green one and so beautiful. Also, the filming took so fast.

Q: You have a LINE account, right?

- Yes, I do. Since my family members – brother and sisters, they all have it. I’m about to suggest my mother to sign it up too so that we can chat with no limits.

Q: Which feature do you like most?

- There are so many games. I enjoy playing LINE PLAY the most because I like decorating rooms as I like to decorate my room in Korea with pictures and arrange things decoratively in order to make my room unique and truly mine .

Q: Is there any woman who ever entered your own room?

- My mother (smiles)


After the interview session, Nichkhun invited us to his room in LINE PLAY and also invited fans to play GACHA game. Besides, he suggested the very enjoyable way to play LINE PLAY and to get GEMS as quickly as possible.

Here are the questions from Thai press:

What is special about LINE PLAY?

- It’s a game that allows you to decorate your very own room and lets you play minigames in order to get a chance to win a prize. We also get to use our own creativity. This is a very fun game to play.

Q: How frequently do you play?

- I tried to have some times to play it but I gotta do my scheduled work so I sometimes play the game.

Q: Normally you use this LINE application?

- Yes, I do because my brother doesn’t have any other apps except LINE. So I have to use LINE so that I can chat with him. And most of my friends in Thai use this app.

Q: Will you tell your members in 2PM to play LINE PLAY as well?

- I planned to do that cause I wanna see whether they can create their characters. Actually they like decorating. I think this game is fun cause it requires your creativity.

Q: Will there be any currently promoting work here in Thailand?

- It’s a LINE CF which will be launching. So please look forward to it and also add my LINE character.

Q: Would you like to invite girls to play LINE PLAY with you?

- I don’t think I need to cause everybody must have been playing it already (smiles and laughs) I’m kidding. I’d really love to. Visit my room and steal some items in GACHA!

Q: Is there anyone in particular you’d like to invite?

- My mom. Mommy don’t forget to steal some stuff in my room (laughs)

Q: Which character do you like in particular?

- I like the bear one since fans once bought me a doll; it’s cute and I keep it in my room.

Q: 2PM has a LINE Official Account already; will there be any activities with fans?

- We haven’t talked about it yet. But there’ll surely be some. If many people are interested in it, we must give them something in return. In the future there’ll be some, you have to keep updated.

Q: Have you ever chatted with Cherreen via LINE about THE STAR contest?

- Yes, we have. I tried to give her suggestions. She’s considered as a newbie so I told her many things. I told her to visit me in LINE PLAY sometimes. I suggested that she be herself and care less about what others said cause there are people who love and some who do not. I saw her do the interview or when she performed I think she did great. And she’ll definitely improve herself as I did, too! It’s a step by step. And this is life, right?

Q: Will you accept offering jobs via LINE?

- From now on, I think I will (what about interviewing through LINE?) Yes you can do that.

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